Physical annotations at your fingertips
  • Add text, photo, video or voice ‘pinpoints’ to any image.
  • Create a layered hierarchical system for a variety of purposes, including complex maintenance.
  • Export and email your creation to be viewed directly from a web browser.
  • AnyDence automatically creates and hosts HTML files on Dropbox for ease of use.



  • Introducing AnyDence - Document and annotate physical matters. Point out anything in a modern and simple way with the most powerful evidence tool available.
  • AnyDence gives you the power to combine photos, videos, text and even voice notes, to create an easy-to-navigate website for a variety of purposes, from construction to general physical annotation.
  • Use AnyDence to drive productivity forward by giving you the ability to provide your colleagues and clients with the information they need in a visual manner and in a form, which anyone can easily and effectively follow.
  • Once you have arranged and recorded all of your evidence, AnyDence creates a fluid HTML website featuring every piece of information you added to the structure. Additionally, anyone can print the annotations as a PDF - allowing for use in construction, or in areas without an internet connection.
  • Synchronize your AnyDence projects through Dropbox across all your mobile devices and all your computers at home or in back-office for the ultimate annotation experience.

How to use it

Some examples for use of AnyDence in your professional or personal life:

  • Register work to do with help of pictures and nested voice notes, for example for (re)construction, paint, maintenance, road construction, service or gardener jobs. Your registered work can be used for offer calculations, for simply sharing appointments with your customer or for instructing your personnel or a subcontractor.
  • Create very clear service reports in a very efficient way with only a few words of typed text. Automatically synchronize your service report with your back office.
  • Document mounting or installation instructions and share these instructions with your colleagues.
  • To get the most out of your AnyDence experience, download it on all devices that you use and use Dropbox for automatic synchronization of subjects on your computers at home or in back-office.
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* AnyDence performance depends on device speed versus amount of subjects and subject size.  
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