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Application tutorial

Application tutorial


1. Can I use AnyDence offline (without Internet connection)?

Yes you can. AnyDence requires internet connection for share and synchronization purposes only. Data capture in AnyDence is not influenced by internet connection in any way.

2. Can I use one Dropbox account on more devices?

Yes you can. If you do so, don't use more devices at the same time for the same subject. It might be that the particular subject will not contain all changes as were made on the different devices.

3. What does the message "Concurrent update from another device. Your changes are being discarded now." mean?

If you see this message this means that AnyDence is used on multiple devices, using the same Dropbox account, at the same time for working on the same subject. AnyDence is not developed for such simultaneous use. Please see also question: "Can I use one Dropbox account on more devices?".

4. What does the "Revoke Dropbox authorization for AnyDence" mean?

This button allows you to work locally or to switch to another Dropbox account. All you need to do is signing in on the account you want to use.

5. Can I use also other cloud storage than Dropbox?

No, for now AnyDence only supports Dropbox as cloud storage.

6. My ID's and subjects do not upload to the Dropbox anymore, what is wrong?

This can be caused by low Dropbox storage space. Please, check your Dropbox and make some free space if possible, or buy extra space.

7. I cannot share my subjects anymore, what is wrong?

To share the subjects you need to sign to your Dropbox account. If you already did this step before and it doesn't work for some reason now, please follow the steps below to fix this problem.

  1. Go to the ID list screen
  2. Open the About screen
  3. Tap the "Revoke Dropbox authorization for AnyDence" button
  4. Open task manager (double press the home button)
  5. Kill AnyDence (touch and hold AnyDence card and then toss it up and away)
  6. Start AnyDence
  7. Sign in to Dropbox again
  8. Try to share your subjects again

If the description above doesn't solve your problem, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

8. AnyDence crashed for unknown reason and I lost communication with Dropbox. (In case when Dropbox synchronization is enabled).

AnyDence is tested very well. In the very rare case that a crash happens, you will be able to fix Dropbox communication by first revoking the Dropbox authorization: go to the about screen, press the "Revoke Dropbox authorization for AnyDence" button. Subsequently login to your Dropbox account again. Please send us an email by going to about screen and pressing the "Send email for feedback or support". We will do our best to make AnyDence perfect.

Thank you.

9. I found a bug in the application, what should I do?

Nobody is perfect and neither we are. If you find a bug, please send us an email by going to about screen and pressing the "Send email for feedback or support". Please write a short description of the bug, the application log is attached automatically. We will do our best to make AnyDence perfect.

Thank you.

10. How can I minimize data transfer of AnyDence application (when I'm in roaming or cellular data trafic is limited)?

In iOS7 you can deny for AnyDence to use cellular data transfers (go to Settings -> Cellular data on your iOS device). Then AnyDence will sychronize your changes to the Dropbox server only when you have a WiFi connection available.

11. Why is the video pinpoint limited to 30 seconds?

The video requires a lot of data bandwidth thus we decided to limit the video pinpoint just to 30 seconds. We believe this is also a right amount of time to express what you want to. However if you want a video of more than 30 seconds, you can use your default camera application to shoot the video and select this video from the gallery in AnyDence later on.

12. Why can't I use special characters in the subject name?

The special characters listed below are not acceptable because of folder naming restrictions. If you use one of them, they will be replaced by the '-'

\ / : * ? " < > |

13. During what time is the link to a, via email shared, subject webpage valid?

The link to the shared subject remains valid until you delete the subject web page from the "Shared" folder. (Dropbox -> Apps -> AnyDence -> Shared)

14. Is there a way to share the whole ID or subject with another AnyDence user which is using another Dropbox account?

This function will be implemented in a future version.

Tips & Tricks

Print the generated webpage

You can print the webpage with the subject easily, just press ctrl+p and use one of your prefered printer. Don't worry, the layout of the webpage is printer friendly + we will automatically select all content to print for you.

For the best result of the printed website in Internet Expolorer, enable the background colors and images print:

  1. Press left 'Alt' key
  2. Go to 'File' and select 'Print preview'
  3. Click the setting icon (cogwheel)
  4. Check the 'Print Background Colors and Images' checkbox

Use your contact photo in AnyDence

If you use contact pictures in your phone, we will use them also in the ID list. It will be much easier for you to get oriented in the huge amount of data that you will create with AnyDence.